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8/21/2013 by Stan Berrong
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In the book of Acts, we are introduced to a man named Barnabas.  His name means “son of encouragement”.  Barnabas practiced his name.  He encouraged Paul on his first missionary journey.  He encouraged John Mark when others, including Paul, had given up on him.  There are some things that you and I may not have the gifts or the talents to accomplish.  However, when it comes to being an encourager,  we, who have committed our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, have been equipped by the presence of the Holy Spirit to be able to able to encourage others.  That’s what church life is to look like, each one encouraging the other.  There are some people who you love to be around because of their positive influence and their words of encouragement that bless our lives.  There are also those who we might not enjoy being around because of their critical, negative attitude.  As a child of God, may I encourage you to look for opportunities to encourage others?  Let’s daily surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to fill us with His “fruit”.  (Galations 5:22)  Let’s be an individual, who by the Grace of God, uplifts, blesses, and encourages those we come in contact with.  We don’t have to have a position of influence in order to be a person of influence.  We need a lot more Barnabas’s in our world and in our churches today. 

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